Thursday, April 16, 2009

Monday, March 16, 2009

Walking To School. Welcome Spring.

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So I finally got out to go see Watchmen tonight, and I gotta tell you, it's pretty damn good.

Based on the reviews, even the good ones, I was prepared for a struggle to get through it  But my only real criticism was the musical choices.  They strayed from very on-the-nose to distractingly inappropriate.  Why does a filmmaker work so hard placing a movie in 1985, even going so far as to recreate a mid-80's apple monitor/mouse user interface, but can't come up with an 80's appropriate music choice for a funeral scene?  "Sound of Silence?" Really?  And as we spiral towards the climax, a crazy end to a crazy journey, the best you can do is "All Along The Watchtower?"  O.k.  I guess, if that's the depth of you imagination.  Damn Freedom Rock will never go away.

But really, I, and most other longtime "Watchmen" fans, weren't asking, seeking or looking for imagination.  All we wanted was to see this comic story we had grown up with on screen.  Just gimme what I see and read on the page and I'll be happy.  And I think that's what they did.  And did it very well.

This got me thinking...  What's the longest you can remember waiting for something to become a movie?

I know now a days, most books, comics, real life stories, etc. are all almost instantly turned into t.v. programing or films.   When I first read "Watchmen" I don't think I was aware that I was waiting for a movie version, but I was soon enough.  As soon as "Return of the Jedi" ended I was waiting for the next movies, though that isn't the same thing.

"Watchmen" might be the longest I've waited.

Monday, March 09, 2009

Test #2

It's like an abandoned Dahrma station in here.

May have found a good posting from phone system.

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This is a test.

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