Monday, November 27, 2006

My Actor Friends. Part 4

So I got a part in a film called, COLD DECEMBER.

I'm very excited. I haven't done any acting in well over a year.

I'm also alittle terrified. I haven't done any acting in well over a year.

While in L.A. I was: taking classes, doing plays, auditioning, attending workshops, meeting agents, doing mailings. The whole thing. Like an athlete in the middle of their season, you get yourself to a point of high productivity. You are in gameshape, ready for anything. Right now, I'm not in gameshape. Unless the game is, suburban stay-at-home Dad Olympics.

We shoot during the week of Dec. 11. The script was written by Chicago native, Brian Wright, who I got to know in L.A. The lead will be played by my buddy Chris Fountain. A good actor and one hella good guy. I'm looking forward to working with him again, we get drunk together in the second act. Though his is a dark drunk of self loathing, it should be a great time. I'll keep you abreast of any developments.


dirty said...

Congrats! Sounds fun!

Johnny Yen said...

Phil, that is great!

Hey, could you get Angelo a part as a sick Ecuadoran? How about Susan as a drunken Scotsman?

Flannery Alden said...

Way to go, Phil! I like the title. I hope you keep us posted.

lulu said...

Yea You!

Congrats and all that.

Badcock said...

You are a handsome, handsome man.

Can you describe the film and your part for your fans?

I'm picturing an indie film about a drifter (Chris) falling in love with a brutal pimp named Alonzo St. Slade (you).

Am I close?

Phil said...

Thanks everyone.

Brian-It's hard enough getting my own parts.

Badcock- Close? Unfortuanately not. I would be interested to see your screenplay based on that idea. Very interested...

Geo said...

That is crazy good news. Serious congrats, man.

Chris F said...

This is going to be better than any silly scene's in class.

Dave said...

Congradulations on your part in Brokeback Mountain II: Cold December.

Anonymous said...

dark, loathsome drunk? ift he needs to do sonme research, talk to the real kid of rock

Grant Miller said...

Congratulations! I'm very disappointed you posted that picture of yourself. I still picture the "York Community High School Phil" when I read your blog.

Megan said...

Somebody's PAYING you to get drunk?! Awesome!

And congrats, too.

Phil said...

Geo-Thanks. It's what I like to do.

Chris F.-Yes, I expect it will be.

Dave-You left out: Based On The True Story Of BadArt.

Anonymous (or Aaron)-We might have some nights out with you while he is here for the filming. I'll need you to do a number on him.

Grant-Thanks. That is easily, the best picture I have ever taken. $50 makeup. $350 for shoot. The look of disappointment when casting people meet me is obvious on occasion.

Megan-Thanks. This is actually a non-union film. Pay will come if, or when depending on your outlook, the film gets sold. I will get fed though.

Valerie (Bunso) said...

I'm with Grant. I would not recognize you if I walked into you on the street.