Monday, October 15, 2007

Parental Philosophy

Most parents I know walk around most of the time with an extreme inner conflict. A question they keep repeating, silently, to themselves, 'Am I doing the right thing?' In almost all criticism, deep down inside of the critic, this question persists. In most parents criticism of other parents this question is loudest.

I recently received two compliments that indicate we might be doing some things right.

As I was walking home after dropping Philip off at kindergarten, one of the mother's who has a son in his class noticed that I didn't have Patrick with me. The Wife is still on maternity leave, I had left him and Mary Kate home with her, I told her. She said we seemed like a good team. That was nice to hear. You can only put so much stock in the perception of others when it comes to your marriage and the raising of your children, but it still made me mildly proud. We are a good team. We work at it and I'm glad it shows.

The second compliment came from another mother, later that week, with a girl in Philip's class. She had worked the class as a volunteer assistant. At the end of the day, she told me, Philip had come up to her and thanked her for coming and helping in class. I guess he was the only student to thank her. She wanted to let me know that I had a very polite son. This made me very proud. It's important to us that our children respect others and behave in a proper way around them. In my opinion, there is far to much inconsiderate behavior in all walks of life.

Like I said, ultimately, you keep you own counsel when it comes to raising your kids. Still though, I'm glad my son is picking up what we are laying down.

And now some pics of the baby.

Mary Katherine smiling in her sleep.

So, Mary Kate is doing well. She had had a horrifying diaper rash for a few weeks. It looks like someone had dragged her behind a car. Everything is better now. She's sleeping well, waking once, maybe twice, a night.

Kisses from big brother, Patrick.

The Boys continue to be attentive and gentle with Mary Kate. They can't wait to play with her. We caught Philip the other day holding her properly, just like we showed him. The problem was, he had picked her up out of her basket, carried her to the couch himself. Without supervision. Without asking us. She was fine, but she's still alittle fragile to be picked up by Philip. Still, no harm. No foul.


Valerie said...

Mary Kate is such a cutie...she looks like her brothers. Have others said that?

I know what you mean about wondering if I'm doing anything right as a's always so nice to hear from someone else that my kid(s) did something right.

dirty said...

I remember my oldest carrying around the baby when we weren't looking...I bet she smells nice...babies always smell nice...

dave's cousin lisa said...

I truly understand the parental dilemma you speak of... and it is VERY nice when out of the blue your kids do something that reflects what you've been trying to teach (having it noticed by others is the ultimate cherry on top!!!) It's REALLY good that you & your wife are a good team - I know 2 specific people who have said that about me & my hubby and they don't have that kind of teamwork in their marriages & that's really sad. I like the last picture of Mary Kate - she has that "what are you lookin at, bub?" face down pat already!!!!:D CUTE,CUTE,CUTE and more CUTE!!!!

Flannery Alden said...

You're a rock star...with beautiful babies.

Angel Bixby-Earl said...

Phil, She truly is beautiful, Linda did a great job. :) As your children get older they really surpise you in great ways. I know my children everyday show me that Mike and I are doing a great job with them. 2 yrs ago after Katrina hit, we celebrated Aidan's birtday, we had already sent out his invites so he called all the kids he invited and asked them instead of gifts for him, please bring food and clothes for the Katrina victims. I had never been so proud of anyone in my life than at that moment. Some of the parents asked if i had asked him to do that, the answer is no. He told me after he had already made all the calls. Our 2 1/2 car garage was FULL, not just full but FULL of great items for New Orleans. So Phil, just when you think you were doing a great job teaching your children, they end up teaching you also. Now my 4 yr. old would be Hell NO, i want toys!!! He wont even share his pack of gum. LOL

Beth said...

She's a beautiful baby. I'm glad she has parents who know what's important.

Hot Lemon said...

that last pix is perfect. Watchout, she's got a 'tude already.

Phil said...

Valerie - Thanks!! Depending on whoever is close to her, that's who she looks like.

Dirty - Yes. I like baby smell too.

Lisa - Thanks. It is nice, and I appreciate it even more when I do see those couples that seem to struggle with teamwork.

Flan - Right back at you!

Angel - That's an amazing story. My wife and I keep meaning to create a list of volunteer work we'd like to get the boys involved in. Boy Scouts, etc...

Beth - Thanks! We are working on it.

Hot Lemon - Yes. I can't wait.