Wednesday, May 09, 2007

The All Seeing Eye Of Grant Miller Media Shines Upon Me.

My old friend Grant Miller and I put our differences aside for an email interview. If you don't already read Grant Miller Media, you probably should.

And now, to the interview.

You and I went to junior high and high school together. I remember the first time we met. What do you remember of our first encounter?

I have no memory of our first encounter. I'd love to hear what you remember. The earliest memory I have of Grant Miller is winning a bet we had made on the NCAA Championship in 1985. I think it was for a dollar. You took Goergetown, I took Villanova. Cha-Ching!!! Patrick Ewing earned all 75 cents. I recall that, lots of White Sox talk and a general admiration for Mick O'Dwyers' High-tops.

Does God love Elmhurst more than all other suburbs? More than Zion? More than Medinah? More than Saint Charles? More than Saint John, Indiana?

Yes. Clearly and irrefutably, He does.

But the title of my blog is not meant to imply that. What I mean is, He lives here. It's literally His Own suburb. He has a great fixed mortgage, making improvements to the house. He should really make a bundle when He decides to sell. Jesus, He's just got The One kid, stopped by the other day looking for the dentists office. Funny story that...

You're expecting another child. What's the dumbest parenting advice you've ever heard?

I'm not sure I have gotten any dumb advice. I rarely solicit advice. Some of the more ridiculous things I've seen or heard: I knew a woman convinced she could potty train her 13 month-old. I've heard mother's tell their kids to get better at something or the other kids would make fun of them at school. A mother once told me, that her doctor had told her, it was good that her son refused to share. He was expressing himself confidently, and shouldn't be discouraged. She's currently got said son in acupuncture to permanently cure his allergies.

When you pluck your nose hairs do your eyes tear automatically? Does that mean you're crying?

I use a nose and ear hair trimmer. Rather painless, unless you let the battery run down. IF I did? IF my eyes DID? I believe that would constitute crying.

Why should people read your blog?

I'm not sure they should.


Valerie said...

I loved the contrast of all of Grant's goofy pictures and your headshot (looking very handsome, I must say). Seeing Grant's high school face is enough to make me giggle for at least ten more minutes.

dirty said...


Thy Goddess said...

I had no idea Grant Miller was sooo hottt.

Wait...oh,that's you...never mind.

Winter said...

I bet you have very pretty babies.

Mama en Fuego said...

Well if you aren't sure I should be here, maybe I shouldn't, how did I get here anyway??

topazz said...

Were you captain of the football team? Cause honey, I was head cheerleader, we really ought to talk. About GrantMiller, of course.

Phil said...

Valerie - I should have placed them in order.

Dirty - Thanks. And when I say thanks, I mean, All Thanks Be To Grant Miller!!

Goddess - Thanks for visiting. His body does maintain a constant temp of 100 degrees.

Winter - Thanks for coming by. I like to think so, but I'm an unreliable Dad.

Mama - Letting the days go by...

Oh, and thanks for commenting.

Topazz - I never tire of the subject. Thanks for the comment.

Michael K said...

Very interesting. I think that Grant may be scrambling to find some unflattering photos of yourself as I write this.

Grant Miller said...

It's impossible to take an unflattering picture of Phil.

GETkristiLOVE said...

Does Grant have any other look besides smirk?

Phil said...

Michael K. - I think I'll beat him to it. He's been a very good sport.

Grant - Oh you. Stop it.

Kristi - Doesn't look like it.

Doc said...

I miss the old Grant Miller photo. And as great as you make your suburb sound, I'm glad I don't live there. I've got Satan next door, and man can he throw a party!


Phil said...

Doc - Oh God can throw a party, he tends to decorate in white though and that's tough to keep clean.