Sunday, August 26, 2007

Things Fall Apart.

The Storm.

As I'm sure most of you have heard, there was a brutal storm that swept through the Midwest last Thursday. The reason you haven't heard anything from me about it is we have been without power since then.

Lots of trees and power lines down in our yard and neighborhood, luckily none hit our house or garage. Sadly, it looks like the end of this tree. Poor old tree. I used to climb this one as a kid and had some vague hopes of building my own kids a tree house in it.

Another tree an ex next-door neighbor had planted years ago. Time to plant again.

The kids were fascinated by the whole thing. We had accidentally slept through it all and didn't realize what had happened till afterwards. I wonder what impression seeing the destruction and dealing with the lack of electricity for two days will have on them. We all learn eventually that there are powers beyond our parents control. Will this be a point in that development that they look on and realize just how small we are?

Things Fall Apart.

It's been a weird month. The list of things that have broken down around the Hendricks compound reads:
  1. My car.
  2. Our second car, an old used Lincoln we bought from my folks, shocks went out earlier in the week. It's undrivable and we got it towed to my brother's shop. We are down to borrowing my folks car full time. This week we plan to purchase a new van.
  3. Our laundry machine broke early two weeks ago. It took acouple days to get a new one at which time the storm came and we lost power. For a house with six people living in it this becomes a problem very quickly.
  4. We lost everything in our fridge. My precious ice cream.


Angel Bixby-Earl said...

OMG!!!!!! At least everyone is safe and sound. Sorry about all the damage to your poor trees and surrounding area. My kids would have gone crazy without TV, no RAW/Smackdown or Hanna Montana! The world would just end!!! I totally understand about the precious ice cream, it got me through my pregancy with Aidan. We were lucky in not getting any damages to our house, we just cut down 9 BIG ASS trees in our yard, and now that we have had all this rain it was worth every dollar bill we paid. some of our neighbors were not so lucky. Down the street from us,we now can go fishing by walking in our friends backyard and grab a fish. The Fox Lake is now her backyard, their boat looks like it is ready to ride, that's how deep it is now. Well, good luck with the clean up and now you will be able to have fun with the boys in planting a new tree.

Susan said...


dirty said...

Well you should have eaten that ice cream the moment the power went out...DUH.

That poor poor tree. We had a hail storm back in June and our house had $19,000 worth of damage. If their was any hail in the storm...claim it on home owners'll get a new roof. Apparently hail takes 7 years off of your roof...crazy, right?

Glad everyone is safe.

How about a new baby update...

Valerie said...

Man, that sucks.

Hope everything gets back in order ASAP.

I'm surprised Linda didn't go into labor amidst all the chaos...although that would be too much like a movie.

Good luck with everything.

Anonymous said...

Yeah Elmhurst College looked liked it was attacked on Thursday, we were without power for three days as well. When I drove home Thursday it was like an obstacle course getting past all the felled trees.

Kind of exciting!


Duff said...

God love ya. I adore that your final thought for this entry was ice cream.

Sadness for the tree situation.

We lost power at my house b/c of a recent storm, but only for about 5 hours. Funny thing... poor Katie was taking a shower when it happened. The scream that followed was ear piercing. I got her through it okay, though she was very excitable all evening. You want to talk about impressions. lol. Still, don't worry. I think you have years left before the kids figure out exactly how powerless you actually are. =)


Flannery Alden said...

When it rains, it pours...literally.

Tenacious S said...

I thought of you guys as the storm passed through. I knew you were in a place that got hit hard. We missed that level of destruction by about four miles. Wilmette and Kenilworth are a mess.

Dave said...

My home and everything in it survived the storm in tact.
It's to bad about that tree. That was a good tree. You should turn it into a wood pile for winter. You have a fireplace, right?

Cruelty-Free Mommy said...

Sorry to see the damage, but glad you're okay. Once in college we lost power from a huge storm, and everyone was saying it would be out for several days. My friends and I attempted to eat all the food we had stored in our little dorm fridges. Mine had a half gallon of ice cream and a gallon of milk. I went for the milk first, thinking the ice cream could survive longer because it was frozen to begin with. I didn't drink the whole gallon of milk; that's impossible. But I had like four glasses of it and gave the rest away. But then I was too full from the milk to enjoy any ice cream. I gave it to the other girls on my floor. Then, like an hour and a half later, the power came back on. I still feel like I got ripped off.

Elizabeth said...

I'm glad eveyone is okay. I love how the kids are reacting to the tree. I wish I could handle things like that as well as they can.

Grant Miller said...

I'm saddend by the loss of your beloved ice cream.