Monday, August 20, 2007

Weekly To-Do List

  1. Get Philip's doctor/shots records.
  2. Take records to elementary school and register Philip for kindergarten.
  3. Test drive used car. (Possible purchase of two cars this week.)
  4. Continue to prepare the boys room for wallpapering.
  5. Lead cold reading workshop for GreenMan Theatre Troupe. (Miss Bears game. :()
  6. Deposit weekend tips.
  7. TBA
  1. Pay student loan payment.
  2. Get wallpapering started.
  3. TBA
  1. Take Philip to Dentisits appointment, 8 AM.
  2. Schedule Dentist appointment for Patrick.
  3. TBA
  1. TBA
  1. TBA
  2. Arrange sitter for boys.
  3. Work, 5:30 PM.


Flannery Alden said...

Thursday looks promising! Maybe you should arrange a spa day for yourself.

Susan said...

Thank you.

Angel Bixby-Earl said...

r u sure u want 2 WALLPAPER? I just took down wallpaper in 2 rooms in my house and it was a BITCH to get off. Also beside the kids favorite past time is PEELING OFF the wall paper. well if you do have fun. Peace out buddy

lulu said...

you lead a wild life.

Phil said...

Flan - Maybe I will...maybe I will...

Susan - Your welcome.

Angel - Yeah, it's gotta be wallpaper. Due to the trains, our walls crack all the time. Unless we wanna repaint every few months, we have to use the paper. It sucks.

Lulu - Hop on the party train!!

Valerie said...

I hope TBA is code for SEX.

Phil said...

Valarie - That's HILARIOUS! I mean, Linda is 9 months pregnant! Don't you know, I get it all the time! (weeps softly...)

dave's cousin lisa said...

You probably already know this but a word of advice for wallpapering- from one do-it-yourselfer to the next... if you put up paper, make sure you use "wallpaper sizing" first - it's this stuff you put on before you put up wallpaper so the next time you want to repaper, the old stuff just peels right off with little to no trouble.(learned this when we realized our kitchen DID NOT have this done - ugly nasty 60's MUSHROOM wallpaper from top to bottom, all walls - oh yeah and we have high vaulted ceilings too!!!!!) :6

Grant Miller said...

When will you make time to read Grant Miller Media?