Tuesday, January 15, 2008

What's In Your Diaper Bag?

When I first became a parent I used to tell people who asked that running errands with a child was like going camping. You have a backpack, and/or car, full of stuff you may, or may not, need. Food, change of clothes, cleaning supplies, drinks, a stroller, toys, books, etc. That was when I had one kid. Now that I have three, I can't believe I ever thought one kid kept me "busy."

On Mon., Wed., and Fri. Patrick has class at the YMCA from 9-11 am. On Tues. and Thurs. Philip has a class at the same YMCA from 930-1130 am. Mon. through Fri. Philip has kindergarten from 1215-300 pm. All these classes at different times, in different buildings around town makes me feel like I'm in college again, but while camping.

On Wed. Patrick swims so he needs swim trunks and a towel. On Fri. he ice skates and needs extra layers of clothes and a helmet. Philip swims on both Tues. and Thurs. Between the classes at the Y and kindergarten we eat lunch. During the classes, the baby needs a bottle.

These days it feels like I'm going on an extended camping trip, while attending college, with three kids under the age of 6.

We try to pack as many supplies as we can from home so we don't have to buy food while out and about. We've done a pretty good job. Our kids don't beg for snacks or candy from the vending machine. Whenever they have asked I've always been able to pull something healthier from our diaper bag. It's a good system and I always feel good when I see another kid with a bag of Funyuns for lunch.

Contents of diaper bag on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

The Supplies.
  1. Two peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.
  2. Tuber ware of plain cheerio's.
  3. Tuber ware of string cheese, cereal bars (without high fructose corn syrup)
  4. Diapers.
  5. Wet wipes.
  6. Two bottles of formula.
  7. Two sippy-cups of 2% milk.
The Lunch.

Beverages. (Diet Pepsi not pictured.)

Off to school.

You know what else was alot easier when I only had one? Heck, when I had two even? I lived in Sherman Oaks, California where it rarely snowed. It's so cold today.


dave's cousin lisa said...

Phil - GOOD DAD award goes to you!!!!! So many dads (or just people with no kids) think moms are off their rocker when they haul around their "bag of tricks"... Thanks for giving your perspective! Having a 7 yr old in 2nd grade and a 5 year old in AM kindergarten, from experience I can assure you that your bag WILL get lighter (they can start to carry their own sports gear!) and the time span in between snacks/a meal gets longer!!! Something to look forward to - although there are other "issues" that arise because they're older - but you can wait for all that!!! :D

Valerie said...

I am super impressed. I don't think my husband ever packed the diaper bag, let alone know where the diaper bag is/was...Linda is a lucky lady and your kids are lucky kids.

Hot Lemon said...

reminds me of that ol' Baby Blues cartoon where Wanda and Daryl say, "lets go to the beach today!!" the next 5 panels are full of them lugging shit out to the van. Last panel:

WANDA: "did we leave anything behind?"

DARYL: "just our spontenaniety."

Flannery Alden said...

Bravo, Phil!

vikkitikkitavi said...

Tuber ware?

Doc said...

I am so very glad to be away from the diaper bag days, and having to lug this trunk of junk with you everywhere. Kudos to you!


lulu said...

I think you should just plop them in front of the television and give them bottles full of Coke. Much easier for everyone.

Seriously, I'm impressed, I can barely get organized to take my own lunch to work, let alone think about the needs of three other people

angel bixby-earl said...

Phil darling,
with all this f**king snow, i you will need to add a shovel to your diaper bag. i will say you have it more together than i did. i breastfed all kids so my bag was small, just diapers, wipes, change of clothes and snack. oh yeah and FULLY LOADED PEPSI!!!! not that diet crap. peace out and miss ya buddy!!!

Doc said...

Gee Phil, how was your Valentine's Day?


Sarah said...

so. cute. the pics rock.