Wednesday, August 30, 2006

My Actor Friends

I used to live in Hollywood. I was an actor. I had a commercial agent. I took acting classes and waited tables. But this isn't about my failed effort at success, it's about one of my good friends hard work paying off.
Jeremy Luc, pictured here, will appear on "Bones" tonight. He's playing Eddie Bean. He's a hell of an actor and damn good guy. Please check him out. If you like him, email the show. Thanks.


dirty said...

How neat to know someone who will be on TV. How did you meet him?

I went to high school with someone who was an extra in Maid in Manhatten (that JLo movie? I think). It was weird seeing her on film.

Phil said...

I met Turbo, that's the nicname he has given himself, in my acting class in L.A. We met back in 2000. He's a working actor. Been in films and T.V. He's gonna fuck up David Boreaneau.

Anonymous said...

I hope your friend has a long and successful career....... I'll still never watch "Bones".

Phil said...

I know. It's not "The Teen Choice Awards"