Thursday, July 26, 2007

Phil' Phuneral Mix.

So the good folk over at Culture of Beer requested Funeral mixes from everyone. Personally, I don't really find this morbid. In fact, I find it binding and expect everyone close to me, who reads this, to follow instructions explicitly.

I made it eighteen because that is what I can usually fit on a disk I burn for someone. The order is unimportant.
  • Streets of Laredo, Johnny Cash
  • Amazing Grace. Preferably bagpipes.
  • Danny-Boy. Also bagpipes.
  • My Name Is Phil. Aaron this will be a special request for you. You'll have to perform it. Unless you die before me, in which case, I request you teach it to three other people. Those three other people will teach three other people, and so on. This way we'll have our bases covered. I got acouple ideas for lyrics, the first being, My Name Was Phil. We'll talk.
  • Long as I Can See The Light. Creedence.
  • Long Black Limousine, Elvis Presley.
  • Further On Down The Road, Taj Mahal.
  • Into the Mystic, Van Morrison.
  • The Sick Bed Of Cuchulainn, The Pogues.
  • Sally MacLennane, The Pogues.
  • Here Comes The Sun, the Beatles.
  • What Deener Was Talking About, Ween.
  • Sing It again, Beck.
  • Strangers, The Kinks.
  • Theologians, Wilco.
  • Over And Done With, The Proclaimers
  • No Expectations, The Rolling Stones.
  • As, Stevie Wonder.
This may turn into Phil's Phuneral Box Set. Kind of fun. The more details and instructions I give, the more power I have from the grave.


Dave said...

I'll promise to fulfill your every wish while you're on your deathbed, but then I'll probably just leave your corpse in the woods. Sorry.

Phil said...

Oh no. I got a verbal agreement last time we went for drinks. You're gonna buy my half of the herd from me, give the money to my wife and take my dead ass to the moon and bury me.

Susan said...

Tuesdays Gone, Lynyrd Skynyrd

Valerie said...

I loved your instructions to Aaron.

Frank Sirmarco said...

I was going to put Poopship Destroyer by Ween on my Funeral 15, but thought it would make my mom cry...

Megan said...

Cool meme, and nice selections. I like the Irish influence. :-)

Grant Miller said...

Everything sounds better in bagpipes.

Cruelty-Free Mommy said...

One time, someone told me that he wanted Dust in the Wind played at his funeral. I laughed. He said, "Don't you think that's a perfect funeral song?" I continued laughing. Then I asked if he got the idea from Old School. Then we both laughed, and he said, "I guess so."

Phil said...

Valerie - I've got them for everyone.

Frank - No one wants to make their Mom cry.

Megan. It is a good meme. I tag you.

Grant - Word.

Cruelty-Free Mommy - That's pretty funny. Did they think you hadn't seen it?