Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Burn Hollywood Burn.

I was reading the latest post over at [Catchy Title] about his hatred for Hollywood. It's the first post over there I have ever read. I don't have anything against Brian. I'm assuming I don't know him. This isn't an attack on him. It just gets under my skin when anyone brings up the subject of Hollywood. Invariably, they hate it.

I hate Hollywood.

It's a cliche. I hate Hollywood. You hate Hollywood. Everyone hates Hollywood. If you have any urge to be unique, when the subject of Hollywood comes up, say nothing. Even if you hate it. It can go unsaid. Everyone hates Hollywood. You wanna be punk and edgy try loving Hollywood.

I hate Hollywood and that whole L.A. scene.

Most people who hate Hollywood base their entire opinion on the film and television industry. MTV's Next is bad T.V. poisoning our youth, so the beauty of a sunset while sitting on Malibu beach can't be considered. Or watching whales surface while migrating north or south at Santa Monica Pier sucks cause of it's proximity to NBC.

I think California is morally and psychologically killing the children.

Sometimes they even like to roll all of California into their hatred; you know those ancient Redwoods are responsible for teen anorexia. I wonder if people hate Washington D.C. because of political corruption. Do they hate Nevada because of gambling? Do you hate Utah because of the Mormon religion? Why would you hate an entire city or state because of a single industry? Nobody ever says, I hate Nashville. I hate Tennessee. No. They say, I hate country music.

It's a plague.

Film and Television products are just that, products. Watch or don't watch. Hollywood is a city. Thousands of people who live there have nothing to do with the products Film and Television produces. California is a state with millions of people and natural wonders that have nothing to do with film and television.

I hate everything about it.

I lived in Hollywood for awhile. Both of my sons were born at Glendale Memorial. My time there is a laundry list of friendly gestures and helping hands; hardworking people trying to support one another. From crashing on couches to free babysitting. Rides to auditions. Agent meetings. Rides to work. Food. Cash. I had a friend who would watch my son, Philip, while he auditioned. Would you take a friends son to a job interview cause they needed it? I now live in the near west suburb of Chicago, Elmhurst. Sometimes I wonder if the people here, my friends included, are as welcoming, open and generous as those I left behind in L.A.


Anonymous said...

What can you say? You're right. People don't hate the city, they hate the concept. When people who have never experienced Hollywood, talk about hating Hollywood they are most likely hating major, mainstream media.

dirty said...

The only reasoning behind my "hate for Hollywood" is that those schmucks make a lot of money to do something easy ans fun at best...same goes for pro athletes...all while the "working man" works his ass off just to rub 2 dimes together.

...still bitter today.

Grant Miller said...

Elmhurst is the Hollywood of the Chicago suburbs.

Phil said...


That was the original title for my blog.

Happy Birthday too Grant.


Melissa said...

I think you might have really missed Brian's point. You DO understand that what he hates are the ideas and social constructs he sees coming out of Hollywood, as well as what the culture there seems to promote, and not the actual piece of land it is founded on, right?

Just checking.

Phil said...

I DO understand what he was trying to say. I actually agree with him about most film and television being a negative influence. I don't like it when people paint with a broad stroke and indict an entire state for the actions of a few. Call me crazy.

I must have hit a nerve. What with all his name calling and anger directed at me. Plus he isn't allowing me to post a comment on his blog. I approved you despite your doubts Melissa. Obviously he won't do the same for me. Based on his list of links I would have thought him more open to debate. To bad.

Thanks for reading.

Phil said...

Correction. I was able to post a comment on his site.

Thanks again for reading everyone.

megan said...

Okay, boys. I think we've had about enough of this. You've both made your points, and I think they were both valid in their own ways.

Phil likes redwoods and sunrises(as do I, and as does Brian). He also does not like to see one group of dingbats used as representatives of a much larger, more nuanced group. And he perhaps has a soft spot in his heart for California.

Brian has some serious and valid concerns (which many of us share) about the messages coming out of what most people think of as "Hollywood," regardless of where the messages actually originated. Since Phil is a parent, I imagine he has similar concerns about the media messages his children are exposed to.

In addition, Phil used to be (or perhaps still is) an actor, so Brian you should recognize that you hit a bit of a nerve.

And Phil, although you SAID you didn't have anything against Brian, the fact that you centered your post around statements he'd made actually makes it seem as if you do.

Now both of you drop it and play nice or there will be detentions.

Phil said...


You couldn't be more right. Thanks for your level head mediation in this.

I apoligize to Brian making him the focus of my post as well as my anger.

I don't expect to make that mistake with anyone again. Lesson Learned.

Thanks for reading.

Anonymous said...

Yea, I'll check out a movie, but it'll take a black one to move me.

Phil said...
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Just a guy said...

Dirty, making movies is not easy work and is, more often than not, not fun. It's long hours of busting your butt. Most people who work in film make very little money. Deadlines are tight and productions are very costly. For the average person working in the film business you are working your job while looking for the next. Fun is relative when you're dragging 90 lbs of cabling around from 6pm until 10am on a shoot and missing your friends and family for 8 weeks at a time.

While the creative types may have fun in the writing, bringing a script from paper to film is an arduous process that forces you to deal with accountants, agents, unions, etc. Most of the actors I've met, save one, seem to be desperately unhappy people. I think that has to do with the nature of what is asked of them. Money does not buy happiness.

Don't get me started on ballplayers. The media outlets are responsible for ballplayer salaries. The more revenue that is offered as an excuse to reach 18-45 year old males with advertisements, the more money the owners make. If you knew that a school was being offered 20 million dollars of which 15 million was profit for the owner, wouldn't you then argue that the teachers should get the majority of that since they do all the work? It's fair play at that point, right?

Don't hate the playa', hate the game.