Wednesday, September 13, 2006

The Race for The Sixth District of Illinois Pt. 2

Illinois Sixth District.
The Fightin' Sixth!

The campaign rages on. We have received seven, expensive looking, flyer's mailed to our home. Three from the Republican Party. Four from the Democratic Party. All related to Illinois's 6TH Congressional race. The Dem's took the lead with three in my mailbox today. Not including today's flyer's, the main focus of these is immigration.

This one was sent by the RNC. Tammy Duckworth's responses is to call him a liar, saying she supports increased military presence on our borders.

I consider immigration to be one of those election year issues. An issue that hits close to home. Gets people emotional. They pull it put out; fight about it. I don't think the G.O.P. or the Dem's really want to do anything about it. Different than Gay Rights issues which they do in fact want to do something about. Bad somethings. Other than a knee-jerk, fearful, nationalistic urge to protect ourselves from the foreign; do they really want to eliminate all that inexpensive labor? I doubt it.

I'm not sure illegal immigration is a problem in the Sixth. I do think our boarders need to be more secure. Not just our southern boards, our northern boarders, and especially cargo that arrives in this country whether by air or sea. I did find this study on illegal immigration if you are interested.

None of these flyer's discuss any plan to deal with immigration. They only attack the position of the other. I favor a "path to citizenship" for illegals. Rounding them all up, prosecuting them for illegal immigration and deporting them seem wildly unfeasible.

No, the flyer's are all about perception; as so much is in politics today. Peter Roskam is playing the perception with his unscheduled debates ploy. There are four debates coming up. Roskam schedules debates outside those already scheduled, invites Tammy Duckworth. She turns down the invite; Roskam goes and beats up an absent opponent.

Today's mailing looks like this:
Playing up the link between Roskam and Pork Barrel spending. They are right to do it; Roskam has already pledged to earmark funds for road construction needed here in the 6TH.

I have no end to this post. Check out all the info and get to the polls in November.

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