Sunday, June 03, 2007

Memorial Day At The Deely's.

Back in college, I was lucky enough to meet my friend Anita. Over the years, I've gotten to know her whole family. Last week The Boy's and I, along with Shelto and his daughter Ava, hung-out at Grandma Deely's house with Keira, Sheila's daughter, and Brenden, Michael's son. It is a special pleasure to watch your children play with the children of such good friends.

Philip and Brenden watering Grandma Deely's flowers.

Little Keira. Cutey. She cried whenever I got close to her.

Daddy Shelto plays with The Boy's while Ava climbs horse.

Shelto, Ava, Keira and her mother Sheila.

Boys love to hit things.

Philip and Ava.

Brenden, Philip and Patrick.



Chaylene said...

What amazingly adorable children you all have.

I too love watching my kids play with my friends' kids, especially friends that I have known for a long time.

I think about how they will all interact with each other when they are older. I wonder if they'll remain friends even though they'll go to different schools. I wonder if they'll date each other or even get married.

More importantly, I wonder who will be holding who's hair while they puke after a party.

Flannery Alden said...

Beautiful pictures!

Dave said...

I am so glad my kid wasn't there.

Stacy said...

While its hard to comprehend that you are all the PARENTS of these beautiful children, I am so glad that the tribe remains intact.

Johnny Yen said...

Nice pics of the kids, Phil. You and Shelto are great dads.

Phil said...

Chaylene - I think about it alot, but since I have boys I tend to avoid the subject of dating around friends with daughters. All of us basically tell our friends kids, 'When you get older, if you are in trouble, and you can't call your parents, you call me.'

Flan - Thanks. They turned out nice.

Dave - Yeah, we all wished you coulda been there. Move out to the burbs.

Stacy - And in it's next generation form.

Johnny - we really aren't, I don't photograph the bruises.