Thursday, June 14, 2007

Product Endorsement: ALPRO G500.

I think I have mentioned before that I'm a waiter, or server if you prefer. My first server job was at a Denny's in Normal, Illinois back in 1993. Since then I've been employed as a server at various restaurants from Hollywood to Key West. The constant problem at every job I've had is, progressively worsening foot pain. The job requires you to stand for long periods of time and over the span of years this can lead to constant discomfort.

A few weeks ago, the bottom of my foot started to feel like it had been set on fire when I walked. I tried buying some new cross-trainer gym shoes, which helped, but when I took them off, the pain returned. On top of my career as a server, I'm also the stay-at-home parent of two very active boys. I couldn't be limping around after The Boys. The discomfort had to be addressed. So I went to my local Moccasins & More Leather Shop and ordered a pair of ALPRO G500 black leather clog/shoes. ALPRO is the professional division of Birkenstock, designing shoes for work environment.

I've been wearing the ALPRO G500 for less than a week now, and my pain has largely subsided. The molded cork/latex footbed is a dream come true, the shock absorbing soles a revelation. Plus, they aren't just comfortable and therapeutic, they are a pretty handsome shoe as you can see. Aside from the black leather, they also come in white, which I now have my eye on.

I had owned a pair of Birkenstocks in college, but after they fell apart, I never replaced them. That's never gonna happen again.

Thank you, ALPRO G500.


Valerie said...

I have a friend who believes that the key to happiness is happy feet. Glad to hear you found some shoes that work for you.

lulu said...

Sounds like Plantar Fasciitis to me. I'm glad the shoes are working for you; if the pain comes back, I know a bunch of stuff about it, having had it last year.

Elizabeth said...

I'm glad you feel better. I worked in retail for years and even though I've been at a desk job since 2000, my body has never returned to normal.

I'm sure all the waiters and retail folks will thank you.

Johnny Yen said...

I'll just pretend those aren't Crocs, because I like you Phil...

I have to say that I've been lucky (knock on wood) regarding foot pain, given that I'm on my feet pretty much constantly in the same capacity you are-- work and two kids. Given that I had my right foot crushed under a motorcycle twenty years ago, I count my blessings.

Phil said...

Val - I would side with your friend.

Lulu - Thanks. If it returns I'll drop you a line. Been good so far. I'm sure you spend alot of time on your feet as well.

Elizabeth - Alot of career resturant folks do wear these. Cook, chefs and the like. Servers are always late to the game when it comes it sensible choices.

Johnny - I'm really not sure what a croc is exactly. They are the plastic sandels that everyone wears? Everything on the shoebox is in German so I guess they might be.

Flannery Alden said...

Johnny Yen, you took the words right out of my mouth. Those look like a cross between crocs and mary jane's.

But, hey, they look good on you, Phil!

pezda said...

Good shoes are a wonder. I found a running shoe store near me that fits you, not just measures your shoe size. My first pair of shoes from them was sublime.

Um, I'd steer clear of the white ones. Onless, of course, you plan on going into nursing.

Doc said...

Thanks for the advice. I need something to wear at the bakery. I get home after a 9 hour day and my feet are killing me.


Dave said...


Grant Miller said...

Are those crocs?

Natalie said...

It is much better than a croc because it isn't plastic. I like the black a lot better than the white though. They'll make you look like a nurse.

Doc said...

On your advice alone, I bought a pair of the black ones. The company was sold out, but I found a place in Italy that had them, but they are sized in Italian, so I guess that and American size 10-10 1/2 = size 43 in Italian. I sure hope these are everything you say they are 'cause I just spent my two year shoe budget on them.

Thanks again,

Phil said...

Well, I certainly hope you like them.

They will last you awhile and find a local Birkenstock store for any repairs you need. You should also be able to send them in for repairs too. Depending on how wet it gets at the bakery, you might want to treat them as well.

They might take some getting used to, but I love mine.

Did you get the slick resistant soles?

I where a size 44 for an american 11.

And what, you didn't order the whites?

Doc said...

I contemplated the white ones, but as I am the only guy in the bakery, and I'm a stay-at-home Dad, I often have to fend off "closet homosexual" remarks, and no offence, but I thought that the black ones would cause the least amount of stir. I just don't need that kind of grief. Besides, with all the colored frosting being flung about, they wouldn't stay white for long.

Thanks again Phil. If you ever find yourself near North-East Ohio, swing by. I'd love to take you to the Tiki Bar. My treat! Ask Chris how much fun it is.