Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Some Cool News

Awhile ago, I started a sports blog called Double-Nickel. It is dying a slow death and if anyone wants to join me there to write about sports please contact me. Write about anything you want really, or don't. If you are reading this blog, you probably have your own blog and could write about sports or anything you want anyway.


Double-Nickel gained the attention of some guys at another sports blog, Sweet Home Sports. (Which all Chicago sports fans should be reading.) They were looking for someone to cover Bears news exclusively. Cool. I like the sports blogging for the debate and discussions, this blog had more readership and more opportunities to chat sports.

A post I wrote yesterday got the attention of Deadspin. They gave it a mention and linked to the post. This is very cool. Deadspin is the Daily Kos of sports blogging. A site that gets 200,000 hits a day. Their link was much appreciated, and I'm feeling kinda good about it.

That is all.


Chaylene said...

Rock on wit yer bad self!

james said...

I knew there was a reason we asked you to write for us.
Well done.

Flannery Alden said...


Phil said...

Chaylene - I'm feelin' kinda bad.

James - Thanks again for the opportunity.

Flan - Thanks. It is.

lulu said...

WOW! Impressive. I got linked to by Chicagoist once and I was geeked for days!

Grant Miller said...

I know Markos from Daily Kos. In fact, he's a close, personal friend of mine. But he's never linked to me.

But congratulations to you!

Phil said...

Lulu - Chicagoist is coolio too.

Grant - The editor/creator of Deadspin is a U of Illinois alum. We are not close friends, though his time there did overlap with my time across state at I.S.U. As did Markos Kos's time at N.I.U. Coincidence? Yeah, probably. Thanks though.

Valerie said...

Cool! congrats!

Elizabeth said...

You should collaborate with Genn6. When she's not figuring out all the espionage in the world, she's writing about sports.