Thursday, June 07, 2007

My Novelist Friends.

I know actors, I know playwrights, I know photographers and painters. I know musicians and I know dancers. I even know an actress who was once an Olympic gymnast. But I don't know many novelists, at least not any who are published. Well, I can now scratch that off my list.

My buddy Andrew, pictured here, has had his Novel, 'To The Last Drop' accepted for publication. I'll let Andrew tell you alittle more.

"After 11 years & 6 novels & 150+ rejections, the door has finally been cracked open just a wee bit.

The novel is about a war over water between Texas and New Mexico, set in the present day. In the story, Texas invades New Mexico and occupies it for its trickle of water. An insurgency grows in the oppressed territory of "New Texas" and it's all brilliantly executed. If you're interested in learning more about the book, please copy & paste your way to:

My novel will be published within the next 12 months by the press wing of a research institute in Boulder, CO called BAUU. They mostly publish hard science, social science, native American anthropology etc but, in their well-educated wisdom, they've decided to take a chance on my novel: "We believe that the book has merit and the topic is inventive and pertinent to today's times ... we are excited about working with you and bringing this book into production."
Congrats, Andrew!

For all of you aspiring novelists out there, keep it up. Successes like these could be your own.


Flannery Alden said...

Thank you for this! That story sounds interesting.

Dave said...

I hate to correct you in front of everyone, but I believe he would be your "most novel" friend.

Phil said...

Flan - It's always reaffirming to hear that it can happen.

Dave - Don't you ever contradict me again.

Elizabeth said...

The story does sound good. Let us know where we can buy it.