Sunday, October 15, 2006


Sorry for the lack of posts lately. I'm not a very disciplined writer. I'm not a writer at all. I rely on inspiration to write. If I'm not close to my computer when it comes, it is often lost.

The bar is set pretty high by the writers of the blogs I read. I want to produce that quality a blog myself. Now it is twisted in my head and I have no ideas.

What are some of your writing tricks? What steps do you take to remain productive?

Thanks for reading.


lulu said...

I occasionally write something I think is very good, but frequently I write crap, and I am ok with that. I find that the more I write the better my writing becomes, so I try to write in my blog or just for myself as often as possible.

The other thing I do is think about the people I know who read my blog, and try to tell them a story the way I would tell it over the phone or in person.

Oh, I linked to you, hope that's cool.

Phil said...

Thanks for the advice and the link. That's the coolest.

That's the point I'm at I think. Becoming comfortable writing crap.

Johnny Yen said...

For what it's worth, I was missing your posts the last few days. I haven't found any of your posts to be "crap." You balance the serious and the fun very well.

I use the "save as draft" function a lot. I usually have 3-5 half finished posts running. Some I complete, some I just erase. Frequently in writing one, I get ideas for others.

dirty said...

I carry a notebook everywhere I go...I always have. I use it to jot down things that I want to remember because I have no memory since having children...most of the time all it ends up saying is "get milk and bread"...

Flannery Alden said...

I agree with all of the above; they are great ideas. I've also found that since I've been trying to write something every day, I've become an idea stalker. I try to notice little things that could turn into an idea for a post and wrestle them to the ground. I also find inspiration from other blogs I read regularly.

I've noticed a lull in the blogosphere lately, at least for the people I regularly read, so there may be something in the ether. However, you are a really good writer and I enjoy reading about your experiences and getting to know you better. Don't worry about writing crap, I don't think you have it in you.

Write on!

Phil said...

I have noticed that to Flannery. I think it is the changing of the seasons. I'm not a big fan of winter myself and idea of it's arrival get's me down.

Dirty, It might be funny to post our lists of errands.

Thats for all the advice and encouragement.

Dave said...

BAD ART, baby! I see it like this. You are never gonna rock harder than Cheap Trick, so don't try. Rock at your own tempo, and whoever likes it; likes it. (I'm paraphrasing B. Corgan)
If John Madden was a writer, he would say "Just write".
Producing original creative stuff (art), comes in waves. Accept that. It was a good idea to write about no ideas. It got you writing.
Something I do to remain productive is; if I'm stuck in one medium I'll switch to another. Can't write? Draw. Can't draw? Build Thomas train tracks with my kid.

cubs baseball 2006 said...

Write everyday no matter what. It's like when i started learning to play guitar. I would play every day for at least a half hour. Remember in college, there was a time I did that for while and got more confidence as I get better. Write anything, just pick a topic, thoughts, feelings, worries, your day with the kids, fears, etc.
the real kid of rock

Henry Martin said...

I have been trying to write something every day for my blog. I have succeeded (though some days are after midnight when I finish!)

Check out my blog on October 13th (the italics is the original). I really had no business being up that late that night. My blog was garbage! :-)

Frank Sirmarco said...

Here are some tips from your pal, Frank:

1. Plagiarize, plagiarize, plagiarize!
2. Don't worry about the truth. Facts are for losers!
3. Swear like a sailor (we all seem to like the term "douche-bag" a lot.
4. Make fun of the media, Christian right, and Republicans as much as possible.
5. Ask your readers for input. We have time to leave comments. What are we, busy or something?