Wednesday, October 04, 2006

The Password Is: Music

Echo's hands are everwhere. Tagging.

Like most people now-a-days, I have an extensive music collection. One of, I think, the best features of modern technology, along with Tivo and celebrity space travel.

1) Music That Has Changed Your Life: All the music I listen to changes me for the better, but the era of early '90's alternative music really got me "into" music. *Of course, the definitive example of this is Blockhead.*

2a) An Album That Has Stayed With You For More Than Ten Years (In a good way): Liz Phair-Exile in Guyville, Nirvana's-Nevermind, Beastie Boys-Paul's Boutique, the Pixies-Doolittle. The list is rather long.

2b) Music you're supposed to like, but you're embarrassed to say you never really did: I'm really only a casual fan of Hip-Hop. Bluegrass? Yeah, that's fun... I guess.

3) Music That Makes You Laugh: Before there was R.E.M. and U2 in the late '80's, Weird Al Yankovic was the voice of me and my generation. I still think he is hilarious. One of the best concerts I ever saw was Weird Al at I.S.U. in '94. Really puts on a great multimedia show.

4) Music That Makes You Cry: Usually this happens when a song reminds me of a time and place. If I haven't heard the song in a long time the impact is more pronounced. This happened recently when my buddy Dave made me a mix CD and on it was California by Luna. Not a great song. Not a great time in my life. But I was young and free.

5) Music You Wish You Had Written: Rubber Soul-The Beatles, O.K. Computer-Radiohead, Mutations-Beck, Dark Side of the Moon-Pink Floyd, A Ghost is Born-Wilco...etc....

6) Music You Wish Had Never Been Written: All Musac remakes.

7) Current Music You Like: I tend to be exploring the masters that I have neglected. Otherwise, Wilco. Bright Eyes. Radiohead. Beck. The Flaming Lips.

8) Music You've Been Meaning To Hear: The latest Beck album. I also want to get to know more classical stuff.

Let's see. I TAG Dave at BadArtGlobal.

*Echo, correctly, points out I neglected to included Blockhead. Corrections have been made.


Echo said...

Exile in Guyville kicks major ass. What an album! 6'1" rocks.

Where's Blockhead in all this???

Phil said...

Yes. that album is the bomb.

Re: Blockhead. Corrections have been made.

Grant Miller, Esq. said...

I thought I was the only person that liked Luna.

Blockhead was okay, but their guitarist was totally fucking hot, and super very intelligent.

Phil said...

Nope, Luna hits me right here.

Was the band, Blockhead, named after the guitarist?

Echo said...

In its previous incarnation, it WAS named after the guitarist. Of course, back then it was decided that *Ass-faced Guitarist With The Board Up His Ass* just didn't roll off the tongue. Although, they did like the umlaut above the "a" in "ass"... So, Blockhead was chosen as its replacement.

This musical history fact is brought to you by Echo. When you need someone to trash Grant Miller, try Echo!

Megan said...

Phil, Are you familiar with Wilco's stuff with British folk rocker Billy Bragg? Woody Guthrie's daughter gave them a bunch of lyrics he'd never turned into songs and they created two albums: Mermaid Avenue Vols 1 and 2. Both are awesome!

Phil said...


Oh yeah. I love it.

Frank Sirmarco said...

I once opened for Blockhead at the Elmhurst VFW. What a bunch of assholes!