Friday, October 27, 2006

The Job Part 2

With their bill in my apron, I approach table 8 asking if they enjoyed the desert. As I reach for, what I assume is her finished sundae, my customer swats my hand away. "I'm not done with that," she says in a joking manner.

She didn't injure me, but we aren't such good friends that I find this all that funny. We did just meet about forty-five minutes ago.

"Pardon me," I respond. I guess she likes cold, chocolate soup.

"You know, I just wanted to mention that my wine glass was very dirty," she states, lifting the glass for my inspection. "Some of this is mine, but alot wasn't."

The glass is rather dirty, but I have little sympathy for customers who complain after the fact. After it is too late for me correct the problem. Of course, this was unintentional, but a mistake was made and I want to correct it.

Why would you drink out of a filthy glass?

Smiling, to hide frustration, "I wish you would have told me. I'd have happily gotten you a clean glass."

"That's alright, I just wanted you to know." Great. Now I know. I hope you tell all your friends about it.

"Please Miss, in the future, tell me if there is any problem and we will fix it right away." Because, I would never drink from a dirty glass. I certainly don't expect you too.

"I don't like to waste food, you would have dumped out the wine." Well, that explains the chocolate soup.

"We could have poured it in a clean glass for you."

"That's true."

I've gotten written complaints to bosses for conversations like the one above. I've been described as rude and defensive. I've been trained to return to a table after either two bites of their entray or two minutes after it has been served. When I do I ask if everything is alright. If it isn't, tell me.

Waiting tables will teach you that, sometimes people just want to complain. That if the problem were fixed, they would be less happy for lack of something to complain about.

They did tip well, so maybe they just wanted me to know.

But... Gross.


vikkitikkitavi said...

I believe some people, perversely, really do go out looking for a negative experience. Maybe not an entirely negative experience necessarily, but it's like want some small kind of validation that it sucks to be them somehow.

Anonymous said... are rude and defensive.

dirty said...

We used to g out with a couple who would complain after dinner in hopes to get some money off their was so embarassing.

Aunt TA said...

Oh god...I still know which one is table 8....