Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Locations In Elmhurst That Maybe Fronts For A Government Cover-up.

Location: Elmhurst Quarry

Wikipedia alleges it is, "A 150-foot deep limestone quarry covering about 59 acres is located half a mile west of downtown along West Avenue and 1st St. A tunnel from Salt Creek diverts water into the quarry in case of a flood."

Calcite with Marcasite Inclusions found at site. Sounds like a fancy name for Kryptonite?

Another site claims, "
The rock is here well bedded (see Illustration sheet 1, fig. 16) and shows abundant traces of organisms. The strata form a gentle anticline with northeast-southwest strike, and the surface shows glaciation. Some dimension stone is quarried." What "organisms," it never says.

Yet another site offers views of the "quarry." Curiously, none of the camera's work.

Suburban teens make it their business to break into places like this. I've never met a single person that has seen the inside.

Open your eyes people.


Megan said...

I've been trying to think of something clever to say in response to this, but I got nothing. It made me laugh. A lot. That's all.

Phil said...

Just keep an eye out in your own neighborhood. I can say to much more, this line is not secure.

Phil said...

Thanks, Meg.

Frank Sirmarco said...

I think I saw an illegal-alien autopsy at the quarry once...