Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Here's to the sunny slopes of long ago. Part 2.

My buddy Ashley passed away on Halloween, 2001.
It was sudden, shocking and profoundly sad.

Ashley had magic in him. He was a brilliant light.

Driving home from his funeral, in a car full of sad friends, silence fell over us. Behind the wheel I asked aloud, "So, where do you think Ashley is now?" Someone said, "Everywhere," to all our agreement.

Moments later, the sky above showed a brilliant light.
It looked as if God had taken a paintbrush to the night sky.

Green and orange swam above dripping towards the horizon.
Lighting our sad faces which now smiled.
Aurora Borealis confirming our conclusions.

A toast!

To Ashley Hugen and the sunny slopes of long ago!

* A thanks to Lisa for the pic of Ashley, she also remembers Ashley today.


Johnny Yen said...

Oh my god-- he was such a nice guy. I was deeply saddened when Aaron told me about his death. I can't believe it's been five years. I got to know him when he'd come to visit you and Aaron at the restaurant.

The aurora reminds me of when the thunderstorm and lightning struck near my friend Mark's funeral this summer.

Flannery Alden said...

What a nice tribute.

Shannon said...

Thinking of Ashley today - never could forget him. I looked over pictures of us from college and shows - one is of us sticking our heads in a popcorn machine, while holding a bottle of wine. I think that is how I will remember him today. :) Thank you for mentioning him - Until We Meet Again, Ashley!

Chris said...

That was touching, Phil. Cheers!

joyce said...

That is a wonderful tribute to my Ashley. It has been almost 8 years and our lives have lost so much without his magic and his smile...
Thank you for remembering him.
Joyce and Jim Hugen